Trooper Tales-( Misunderstandings and Burgers!)

365to50 Update

This week I am off to Chicago to attend the wedding of our best friends daughter. I am excited about going and seeing a great city that I have never been to. What makes the trip even more exciting is that I am now 40 lbs lighter than I was when I started the 365to50 journey. My journey now could be called 91to50. I am only 13 weeks or 91 days away from my 50th birthday. I’m so glad that I started this last year and I can’t wait to set new goals for next year.

Trooper Tales

I promise you this is a true story!

One night when I was working an off duty job at a local Burger King I had the following situation unfold. Now I can hear some of you asking “What is Off Duty? Well, back then it was the way you financed your career as a State Trooper. We all needed it to be able to make a living since our pay was pretty low. I was very thankful to have it because it meant that I could work some extra hours and take care of my family.

King of Burgers

Well as I was hanging out, watching all the high school kids acting cool and eating my Whopper, I heard someone yelling from behind the counter. As I walked around to see what the fuss was all about, one of teenage burger flippers looked at me while pointing to the drive through window and yelled ” Hey they are holding us up”. Well you don’t have to have watched too many gangster or Bonnie and Clyde movie’s to know what a “Holdup” is. I quickly made my way outside and came up behind the suspect car with my gun drawn. I was ready to take action on this one for sure!

As I made my way around to the drivers window, the poor man inside looked at me and looked at my gun and said ” Ok I will order already”. You ever had one of those moments where you know you have just messed up? That you have missed something somewhere? I had no idea that the young burger flipper was actually yelling to me that the man in the drive through was actually unable to make a decision and was holding them and everyone in line behind him up.

As I put my gun back into my holster and explained to the man that I was sorry to have startled him, but I had misunderstood what was going on. He shook his head and said that he understood and then he asked me “Officer can you help me decide what I should order?” I told him that he should park his car and come inside, that I would let him stare at the menu as long as it took to make sure that he was making the right decision.


Author: Coach Don

Pastor, Sales Manager and Life Coach

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