Trooper Tales (“Please give me the speeding ticket”)

By now, if you have been reading Trooper Tales for very long, you probably have thought to yourself “He has to be making this stuff up”. As hard as it may be to believe, I promise you that each story is exactly as it happened. The next one I am getting ready to tell may be the hardest one to believe of all.


One Saturday afternoon I stopped an older couple for exceeding the speed limit. The driver was a very nice man who was very polite. When I told him why I stopped him, he readily admitted that he was guilty and very sorry for exceeding the speed limit. One of the few people that never argued about the traffic stop, or at least up to now!

I had already started writing the ticket when I decided that I had to give this guy some kind of break. I decided that I would write him a ticket for not wearing his seatbelt. The fine was about $100 cheaper and there were no points assigned to the citation. I was happy that I could give this guy some kind of break, his attitude and honesty should be rewarded.

When I told the driver that I was going to give him a ticket for not wearing his seatbelt, instead of giving him the more expensive speeding ticket, he became very angry. He said “Officer, I swear I was wearing my seatbelt.” “You can ask my wife Martha, she can tell you.” I tried to calm the man down by telling him that I wanted to give him a break. I told him that it was much cheaper and it wouldnt put any points on his driving record. I even told him that I saw him loosen the belt while he was still moving in the emergency lane, thus he had it off while he was driving. He wouldn’t listen to anything I was trying to say. He then asked his wife to come out of the car and asked her “Martha, please tell him that I was wearing my seatbelt.” I then tried to tell her that I was trying to give him a break and that it would be $100 cheaper and without any points. I even explained that I had seen him loosen his belt as he was stopping the car. It didn’t matter what I said, she started pleading with me to believe her husband. I was in the Twilight Zone!

By now it was out of control as his wife was in tears and he looked like he had lost his job and was headed to prison. I asked him “What do you want me to do?” “I want to help you but I have to write you a ticket, I can’t void it now”. The man looked at me and said “Officer please, I beg you, Please write me the ticket for speeding.”  Again, I was convinced that I was in the Twilight Zone. With that I did as he wished and wrote him the ticket for speeding. Both the man and his wife thanked me and wished me a wonderful day as they got back in their car and drove away. I would have to say that he was either the most honest man that I ever met or he was just lacking in common sense. Either way, I will never forget the man who begged me for the speeding ticket!


Author: Coach Don

Pastor, Sales Manager and Life Coach

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