7 Ways To Learn If God Has Called You To Write A Book.

Have you ever asked the question “Is God calling me to write a book?” If the answer is yes then check out my most recent article at Coach Don Newman.

Has God called you to write a book? 7 ways you can tell.


Do you feel called to write?

To write a great Christian book you must do two things: First, you must write about something you are passionate about or something you are an expert in. Next, you must identify or know the audience you are writing for.

I have always felt the call to write and my latest book “Respond Up” “Turning Obstacles Into Greatness,” is a reflection of that calling. Take a few moments and experience my newest video and blog about this calling on CoachDonNewman.com

The call to write and publish a Christian book.

Check out my latest post about the incredible legacy of a very simple man.

The greatest legacies are often unknown, at least on this side of Heaven!

New Book “Respond Up” is climbing the charts on Amazon for Church Leadership

I never had any idea that the little lesson God taught me would one day become a best selling book. When God showed me that the key to advancing in life was learning to respond to difficulties instead of just reacting to them. For example, you get fired from your job and you have a choice; you can react in fear and anger or you can learn to respond.

If you would like to learn the secret to responding instead of reacting take time today to check out my newest book. Check out Respond Up

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The key to promotion is learning how to respond.

For the last 2 years, I have been working on my very first book to teach people the difference between reacting and responding, and how learning how to respond can lead to promotion and greatness. We all go through things in this life but when we can learn how to become a “First Responder” instead of remaining a “First Reactor”, that can be the difference between moving ahead or remaining stuck somewhere in life.

Life happens, and it can bring with it setbacks, temptation, and betrayal. How we proceed often determines whether we become better or bitter: we can either succumb to our initial, knee-jerk reaction, or we choose to pursue a carefully crafted, God-centered response.

Respond-UP_front_cover (1)

My newest book, Respond Up was written to help people make that choice. It explores how our answers to tests and trials shape our future. Follow me as I break down the biblical story of Joseph, and share seven important secrets to parlaying the messy, heartbreaking moments of our lives into catalysts for promise and promotion.

More than just a manual for success, Respond Up is a go-to guide on leadership and one of the best self-help books of its time. Stocked with true stories, personal development strategies, and tools for leadership training, this book will enliven your faith and fuel your personal growth for a lifetime.

You can preorder Respond Up now on Amazon at Respond Up on sale at Amazon




8 Ways to Live On Beyond Your Own Lifetime.

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Here is the article on “8 Ways to Live On Beyond Your Own Lifetime.”

8 Ways to Live Beyond Your Own Lifetime.



A book that was written for 2017

Respond-UP_front_cover (1)


When I first started writing a book in 2015, I had no idea what it was going to be called. Like every other author, you select a title so you can call it something. My first working title was called the “The Joesph Response.” The title came from the comparison I was forming between the struggles I was overcoming in life and those of Joseph found in the book of Genesis. Later on, I changed the title to “Respond Up.” The common truth “Respond Up” is found in the importance of how we choose to respond in difficult or challenging times. How we choose to respond to those times really does determine where we end up in this life. As many people already know, Joesph moved from the “Pit to the Palace,” due to how we responded to the pit. The great news is that each of us can move forward in life if we will only learn to “Respond Up”, especially when we are in the pit.

When I started writing “Respond Up” in 2014, I didn’t know what year it would be finished. I also didn’t have a clue what our world would be like when it became available for people to read. I now believe God meant this book for now because I can not remember a more difficult year. From the political division to the multiple natural disasters to the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, we need a message of hope and direction.

Here are some endorsements for “Respond Up”

“This book will be a life message for countless people. Don does an incredible job challenging us to live a God-first life despite what the world throws our way. I have been personally inspired to prepare to respond instead of reacting as things come.”
—Justin Dailey, Lead Pastor of Action Church in Orlando, Florida

“Don’s book Respond Up, is a book full of incredible application. Many times we read God’s word but aren’t sure how to apply it to our lives. Respond Up does a great job bridging that gap. Don writes about things we all face in life and then paints a beautiful picture of how to see God at work in the middle of it all. If you’re like me and find it easier to react than respond, reading “Respond Up” will challenge you and equip you for responding up, instead of just reacting.”

Nick Terry, Chaplain, NASCAR and Motor Racing Outreach

“Throughout my career as a high school and college football coach, I have collected and read many books on leadership. I not only sought to be a good leader but I wanted to instill in my players the principles of leadership. In “Respond Up” Don dissects the life of Joseph and shows us how he responded to the difficulties in his life and how God used his circumstances to mold him into a great leader. In his book, Don shares with us his personal stories of how he used Gods principles of leadership and how to “Respond Up” to all of life’s challenges. I highly recommend “Respond Up” to anyone in a position of leadership and to those who mold young lives.”

Coach Rick Smith, Retired College Football Coach, East Carolina Pirates

I really believe that “Respond Up” is the right book for the right time. Our nation needs a message of hope and answers. We need direction on what do we do next and how do we respond to the difficulty that seems all around us.

You order “Respond Up” on Amazon by clicking here Respond Up

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